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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora: 'I Understand Fans' Hostility' Over Tour Departure

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora says he understands why fans were upset by the abrupt departure of the group "Tour because we can."

"I can see why they (the fans) are hostile," says Sambora "Because they went out and bought tickets and they expected me play, too. So, there is some hostility in my opinion that would come along with that."

Sambora - Bon Jovi founding member and native of Woodbridge - is set to tour Australia later this month. He left the Bon Jovi world tour citing "personal problems", in April 2013.

After the departure of Sambora, TMZ, citing unnamed sources close to the situation said the wait time was due to precipitation of finance. The tabloid also claimed Sambora Bon Jovi would be underestimated.

Bon Jovi closed shortly after the report and denied that he and Sambora were fiefdom.

In November 2013, TMZ photographers Sambora met at the airport in Los Angeles and asked if a meeting was likely to Bon Jovi. "Yes, at some point," he replied.

Sambora was replaced by Phil X for the rest of the "Tour because we can", as was the case in 2011, when he entered rehab.

"I'm sure it's a large guitar and I'm sure that people have a good time anyway," says Sambora FasterLouder Phil X. "It was one of those moments.'m Not saying that the band is over, I do not I know, but that's the way it is now.”

In his recent interview, Sambora said he was absent from the tour because I needed a break.

"I have not been home for a year ever," says Sambora. "I missed a lot of life. Badge And love and happiness is worth more than the currency of money. And I'm sure it was not a popular decision, but I had to."

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Donald Trump And Jon Bon Jovi Mentioned As Buyers For Buffalo Bills

April 9, 2014. Recording artist Jon Bon Jovi , right , and his wife Dorothea Hurley attends the Food Bank for New York Awards Gala Charity do in New York.The Associated Press

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is ready to make an offer to buy the Buffalo Bills . Donald Trump is on board, too.

Do not pass by the family of owner Jeremy Jacobs Boston Bruins. E includes the name of New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi for more flavors.

It is not every day - or every year - one NFL franchise goes on the market as the bills are, after the death of owner Ralph Wilson last month.

Wilson wishes to have the team sold instead of being transmitted to his family raise the possibility that the bills are moved from the city that has been his home for over 50 years. Toronto and Los Angeles are the possible landing sites because the owners have the opportunity to earn more money than in Buffalo, the second smallest market in the NFL.

Prospective owners are already lining or at least expressing interest.

Without naming names, the Deputy Erie County Executive Richard Tobe said he has been contacted by a maximum of 10 groups of potential owners, which has said to contact the team.

The Bills were valued by Forbes magazine last year at $ 870 million , but the sale price could go higher, given the number of bidders is expected and the shortage of NFL teams in the market .

The formal bidding process will not begin until the estate of Wilson names a investment banking firm to put an updated value of the franchise and oversee the negotiations.

"We're waiting," Michael Cohen, executive vice president of Trump said this week. “And Mr. Trump is at the top of the list.”

Cohen said Trump, the real estate mogul and reality TV star New York City, has already contacted the NFL, Wilson and several farm owners in the league.
"No one is more serious than Donald Trump," Cohen said, reiterating one point Trump did last week in tweets. “Donald Trump has made clear that the Bills will stay in Buffalo.”

Dan Kelly, vice president of Jim Kelly Inc., told The Associated Press last week that his brother will pursue the Bills.
"Jim is an active participant in moving forward," Kelly said, noting that his brother will pursue the Bills despite undergoing treatment for a recurrence of breast cancer.

The name of the Jacobs family also continues to appear, according to several people familiar with the process.
"He is definitely a player," one person told the AP, speaking on condition of anonymity because Jacobs has not revealed his plans.

Last week, Mr. Jeremy Jacobs issued a statement saying it has no intention of selling the Bruins to purchase the Bills, a move that would be necessary because NFL rules do not allow owners to control major sports franchises different markets. But Jacobs’s statement did not address whether their children could be involved in a group of owners.

Jacobs is from Buffalo, and three children, Jeremy Jr., Lou and Charlie, are the directors of the company based in Buffalo caterer Delaware North. Charlie Jacobs is also a principal of the Bruins.

Then there's Bon Jovi, which is linked to Larry Tanenbaum, a developer based in Toronto and president of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which controls the Raptors of the NBA and the NHL Maple Leafs.

While Bon Jovi and Tanenbaum have close ties, no formal relationship has been made between the two implies a potential purchase of the bills and their relocation to Toronto.

The representative of Bon Jovi, Ken Sunshine said: “Jon is passionate about owning an NFL team," but steered clear of any mention of the Bills.

There are major obstacles that stand in the way of equipment relocation for the duration of the lease of 10 years who came to the state and county in December 2012.

The Bills could incur a fine of $ 400 million, including addressing the prospect of moving during the term of the concession. There is one exception that would allow the Bills to break the lease for a little less than $ 28400000 in July 2020.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Donald Trump And Jon Bon Jovi Will Battle To Buy The Buffalo Bills

With the recent death of owner Ralph Wilson, the Buffalo Bills will go on sale and Jon Bon Jovi and Donald Trump are among those interested in buying the NFL franchise.

Bon Jovi is a group based in Toronto is expected to bid for the Bills with the intention of eventually moving the team north of the border to become the first Canadian franchise in the NFL according to the Toronto Sun

However, the Bills lease with Erie County does not allow the team to move at least until 2020.

Second only to Los Angeles, Toronto is the second largest in North America without an NFL team city has been home to a Bills game every year since 2008. However, attendance at the Bills games in Toronto has declined in recent years and the series will not be played in 2014.

Donald Trump has also thrown his name into the mix and insists that he will “give a heavy shot “for the purchase of the bills according to the Buffalo News.

Trump, the former owner of the New Jersey Generals of the now-defunct USFL, also makes it clear that he would keep the team in Buffalo since that will make it more convenient for him, living in New York.

With a net worth reported $ 3.9 billion, Trump may be able to pay the price, probably approach $ 1.0 billion. Strict property of NFL owners requires groups include at least one person who owns at least 30 % of the team.
Unlike Trump, speculation is that Bon Jovi would not be able to pass the 30% rule, meaning that he would not be the majority owner.

NFL teams are among the most valuable major sports franchises in the world, with an average value of U.S. $ 1.1 million according to the latest ratings. The Bills are valued at $ 870 million.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

He's True Jersey: Bon Jovi Wins Bracket Challenge

After three weeks and thousands of online votes , users select Jon Bon Jovi as our Jersey real winner. 

The native of Sayreville reeled extraordinary inventor Thomas Edison in the true ending Jersey, which ended Thursday night . Bon Jovi left the clamp Entertainers and defeated the New Jersey icons Queen Latifah, Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen in successive duels to get to the Final Four. Edison, the top seed in the bracket - lebrities Jersey , was not questioned until he fell to Bon Jovi in the final.

Interestingly , Edison got the majority of votes cast by users in New Jersey. But Edison home win was not enough to offset the votes Bon Jovi has received outside the state.

What do you think of Bon Jovi 's victory ? Is it really true the jersey in our bracket, or you believe that another competitor deserved the honor ? Tell us in the comments.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora Teams Up With Adelaide Guitarist Orianthi For Australian Tour

They fell in love in the first act and now guitarist Richie Sambora has benefited Australian virtuoso Orianthi for her first post- Bon Jovi tour and a new record.

Sambora and guitar - Michael Jackson and Slinger Alice Cooper met at a charity concert in the year and have worked together ever since.

He recruited to tour Australia for the Soundwave Festival and a concert at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney on Wednesday.

“The chemistry was there," said Sambora .

Music soulmates ... former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora has joined Adelaide - born virtuoso Orianthi his tour in Australia. Photo: John Appleyard
"What is interesting about this considering the age difference is that we have the same musical background and it is rock and blues.

“Orianthi and I have a musical conversation when you're playing and it happens to be one of the best players on the planet.”
Orianthi , who repeated for This Is It Tour , when Michael Jackson died , said the couple already has a " bunch of songs" and together in Los Angeles in April .

"The songs are connected very quickly, instantly clicked as songwriters," he said.

JON BON JOVI Richie Sambora SPLITThe 29-year -old guitarist has been a difficult learning Los Angeles and despite his obvious talents of renting a player and as a solo artist, cops still sexist attitudes to be a musician.

"I have this judgment and I know - it's the Aussie blond girl , I can actually play , is it just a gimmick ," said Orianthi .

"I played guitar for 23 years, I love it, but there are still a lot of guys who hate the fact a girl playing the guitar.”

Richie Sambora , guitarist Orianthi says Bon Jovi stopped to spend more time with her daughter. Photo: John Appleyard Source: News Corp Australia

Sambora was not only his solo repertoire, but the songs of Bon Jovi wearing his credit writing on tour with Livin 'On A Prayer reinvented with a slice swing and cause a noisy crowd singalong at the Soundwave stage.

He said he liked being a singer again after 30 years as a wing man Jon Bon Jovi.

“Is this a joke? It is time to return to the musical freedom, “he said.
Sambora has reiterated his decision to leave the group as they launched their world tour because we can spend more time with her teenage daughter Ava, who follows her mother Heather Locklear on an acting career, and family.

"Right now, it is not money, let's face it," he said.

"I needed to spend time with my daughter and she needed him. I have been fortunate to have great parents, Orianthi , and I 'm on the road for 16 months and I come back and everything changed.

"People got married, divorced, death, and birth, became ill, and moved. Was tired of being on a treadmill and the absence of all this. "

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bon Jovi Makes Billboard's Rich

Richie Sambora Bon Jovi can think of is not the Real Thing and Sin , But Financial Success Group suggests otherwise.
Bon Jovi has landed near the top of the rich list of Manufacturers Billboard Music Money for the third time in six Jahr .
Jersey Rock Group RANKS FOURTH of Bath Place List Of Top 40 employees , drawing 29,436,801 dollar in 2013. Success itself due in large part to the instance of the Group " why can " tour - That sin is accomplished guitarist and Founding Member Sambora - and was recently Announced As The World Tour More grossing 2013. Bon Jovi Recaudo UN personnel record $ 259.5 Million Through visits in 2013 , topping the annual list of Top 20 Pollstar .

Past successes of Bon Jovi Also attracted more than 1.5 million downloads and U.S. were up CASI $ 300,000 in the Past Year Royalties.
Taking First Place in the List of Billboard money machine is Taylor Swift , Gano That 39,699,576 Dollars, Kenny Chesney BY thru COn $ 32,956,241 and Justin Timberlake, Cuyo 2013 Total Revenue of $ 31,463,297 . Rounding out the Top 5 of the Rolling Stones son , Gano That 26.225122 Million Dollars Last Year .

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dave Grohl, Steven Tyler, Jon Bon Jovi, Adam Levine & More Rock Howard Stern 60th Birthday Bash

Swings A-list celebrities , celebrated amongst a bevy of other celebrities , the king of all media on his 60th Birthday - celebration at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Friday evening (31 January) .
In an exclusive interview with Billboard last month , Howard Stern executive producer Gary Dell'Abate noted that last year , Star ( graced the cover of the January 25 Billboard issue and gave an extended Q & A) is a set mandate for a stronger focus on a- list guests.
60 Star - Birthday Party at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom on Friday evening (31 January) reinforced , as many household stars of music, theater and film , responding ( out of Dell'Abate extraordinary abilities booking to the Directive as a star of the team , ) and SiriusXM satellite stations , radio star home since 2006 , delivered a four-hour gala competition with the star -power of all the glitzy awards show . Maybe even better , during the Academy Awards , Emmy Awards and Grammy Awards spotlight talent in their respective fields, merged star party for numerous walks , truly befitting his nickname as " King of All Media."


Dell'Abate also told Billboard last month that every song on the bash would run a revered hit, with the last song of the night to be "iconic " . These promises were also held .
The festivities began shortly after 6 clock , the night was fast taking on the feel of an all-star - star - show, a mix of entertainment and performances of classic hits rock icons " . Stern need a microphone and imitated at a booth a radio studio , with star banter with emcee of the evening, ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and guests who came to chat about on the couch on the stage to sit next to longtime sidekick Robin Quivers next to them at night.
Train , confronted by Pat Monahan, served as the evening 's house band . ( "The first time we have his show about three words I said because I was so removed to actually do his show. Now we are friends, and he is one of the greatest people I know blown ," Monahan Billboard said last month. )
The ceremonies were broadcast live SiriusXM and streamed on free , with the amount of about 1,500 a mix of SiriusXM subscribers who won their way in through listening , household -name entertainers and members of the star " Wack Pack" of his faithful gang of social misfits who have made a long time for food on his show .
Ultimately, the width and name - recognition factor of those who took the stage reflects the star evolution " of monsters to man ," as Kimmel joked later that night ( after it , Stern and guests shared several shots , the most exuberant amount also was to an open bar treated ) and of the star start as a temporary DJ, his rise to the "shock jock " fame and , at 60 , the talent, a then young Sirius ( which would merge with rival XM 2007 raised) of 400,000 subscribers on his accession to the satcaster more than 25 million today .
Here is a summary of the highlights of the evening. (Remember , it was 4 hours , so this could take a while ... )
The party began when the curtain opened on Rob Zombie, which the Stern Show Theme Song sang " The Great American Nightmare" . "Star Trek " legend , and official Stern Show announcer George Takei followed , officially welcomed the crowd. "We are all here to celebrate Howard birthday [ Fellow. " Trek " - Legend ] . Bill Shatner is not I win ," said Takei .
When Kimmel began hosting duties of his night , amid the steady flow of jokes was a sincere admiration for all star, a National Radio Hall of Fame in 2012, has achieved with him to the conclusion , especially how much star has the medium transformed . " Everyone in this room here tonight , because at one point , we turned on the radio , in the car or at home, part of something that you 've never heard you ," Kimmel said.
" You heard a man talk about topics no one ever talked about on the radio had before. He told us very personal things about his marriage. He showed us every part of him , while a medium which was populated by the declarer and he took countdown and keepers and men with deep voices and he changed it.
" Howard Stern Radio Picasso what to the visual arts has done ," beamed Kimmel . "Picasso changed the way in which the artist approached the canvas. Howard had the same effect on the radio. "
Actor Johnny Knoxville led the next musical guest of the evening , the Black Keys , a bouncy castle " Lonely Boy" performed ( a 14 - week # 1 on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart 2011-12 ) .
Kimmel then went to roving reporter Jeff Probst , host of CBS ' "Survivor" , the host of entertainers seated at round tables on the floor in front of the stage Golden Globes - woven style .
Barbara Walters announced her affection for star Probst , because despite his fondness for his trademark blue humor, he is Walters ' broadcasting' pure, sweet and innocent. " - Legend male counterpart Larry King said that an appearance by Stern show amounted to " one of the great hours I have ever spent in the air. "
"Thank you for all the years of entertainment, " Stern responded .
Probst handed the microphone to former "Saturday Night Live" and "30 Rock " actor ( and 2013 Billboard Music Awards host) Tracy Morgan to praise the star, in his typical manner provided unconventional. In addition to a radiant Jewel ( with most of those present clearly in honor of the star dressed ) sitting , said Lands former " SNL " comic David Spade, " We thank you for me next to her. "
Kimmel reclaimed direction of the process by including Comedy Central " Roast - master general" Jeff Ross and comic icon Joan Rivers on stage. Perhaps their best barbs , courtesy of Ross " . Wherever Howard goes , a picture of his wife, Beth , he keeps in his wallet Beth goes ... Wherever a picture of Howard wallet holds it ."
The music came with John Mayer, Bob Dylan covered " Like a Rolling Stone" . By the end of the song , shined his intricate guitar playing as the highlight.
After the recorded video Tribute by Ellen DeGeneres and Jerry Seinfeld ( "We're both the same age, [but] you win, man, " Seinfeld admitted ) and one on the stage Hello from Kathy Griffin to star, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took a time out from preparing for the super Bowl Sunday at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford , New jersey, to make a cameo appearance . "I 'm not the representative of New Jersey want to see ," he told the crowd , introducing fellow Garden Stater Jon Bon Jovi . By train in the back , he played Bon Jovi's 1987 # 7 Billboard Hot 100 hit and a signature song of the band, "Wanted Dead or Alive" .
" Dead or alive ? Seems like a strange choice for a 60th birthday," mused Kimmel .
Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine put the music of accession also train for a cover of Prince As Mayer, Levine showed off guitar "Purple Rain . " - Not shredding skills often on Maroon 5 shots revealed. Stern noted that " rain " is his favorite Prince song ( with many of the guests of the evening , and song selection , not known to star before his big night to see his excitement and listen to add to it , presented Kimmel ) .
Next up, comic master and star of the FX " Louie ," Louis CK (the first comedian who appear at the birthday party , according to Dell'Abate said yes) praised Stern 's unique talent for captivating audiences . " I grew up in Newton [ Mass. ] and my first car was a 1978 Datsun B210 " CK said. "The day I got the car, I drove to New York City, I was in traffic for hours solid, and I'm listening to some guy I 've never heard He's on a megaphone String - . . Calling Yoko . Ono I was angry , like, " you play a song ! "
"Three hours, I heard this . End of the 3 hours, I loved this man . For me this man , New York City was . "
( Do not blame the messenger , female Louis CK fans: He said yesterday he now " seeing someone . " )
NBC Matt Lauer and Al Roker next appeared in a video tribute, apologized for not being able to visit because in Sochi, Russia for the Olympics they ... reveal only a zoom out on a green screen behind them.
Train followed with his No. 10 Hot 100 hit from 2012 " Drive By " and a cover of Led Zeppelin's " The Ocean " .
Katie Couric teased with Probst and Stern, followed by Whoopi Goldberg, who was a testament to interviewing the star. " People would say to me : I have never liked you before ... [ until ] I 've heard you on Stern ... ' "
In a video message Medley , The Beach Boys , Neil Young and Metallica's James Hetfield wanted to star a Happy Birthday (sold separately ), the Beach Boys tune into the chorus of " California Girls ," "we , we all want could be rich like Howard Steeeeern ... "
Introduced Bryan Cranston of "Breaking Bad" fame NBC Jimmy Fallon, the new host of " The Tonight Show" starting this month . Kimmel was gracious to his new 23:30 competitors , although after he shared a shot with Fallon, Stern said , " Kimmel only poisoned Fallon . " Fallon showed his knowledge of art , perfectly capturing Seinfeld, Gilbert Gottfried and Adam Sandler, while winning its biggest laughs for his sound-alike version of Chris Rock ( "60 years old! 60 years old! " Had the crowd roar . )
After a brief hello from actress Mary McCormack, the star "movie woman " in his 1997 No. 1 Checkout biopic " Private Parts " , incoming NBC's " Late Night " host Seth Meyers continue to share the surreal mix of late-night network competitors a stage. He told how "Growing up in New Hampshire, my father at night , listen to WBCN [ Boston , which aired from star morning show on delay when he first arrived in syndication ] . When he came home, stay he would listen in the car [ more] . turns out , the radio did not work. he just did not want to come and see his family ... "
Fellow " SNL " alum Fred Armisen singing the Beatles' " Blackbird" to star, followed by Lena Dunham , the creator and star of the HBO series "Girls ," she scolded star for making fun of her breakthrough . Dunham gave her finally fandom of Star, called him a " champion of women in the arts . "
Dunham introduced comedienne Sarah Silverman, who, along with the Dixie Chicks ' Natalie Maines worked up a musical ode to star interrupted by his funny yet heartfelt refrain " the clock " in which she wished to remain timeless star .
The Night of the tone changed when Star interviewed CBS '" Late Show" host and longtime friend David Letterman for about half an hour. ( While it was certainly big radio outside audience grew , the amount a little uneasy in stains on the low-key turn in direction. ) Letterman touched on a variety of topics , including his strained relationship with outgoing host "The Tonight Show " Jay Leno, his few hobbies ( "fishing" ) and his 32 - year run on late-night TV, said he has no immediate plans as its competitor NBC occur .
Kimmel sat with Star and Letterman , any sense of rivalry with this trumped by respect for him . "I loved it," he said after the star.
Next: a video tribute of Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage and guest Katie Couric, who hear this again and again , that star is the ribs "greatest interviewer is getting a little tired." (Stern, of course , grilled their good sports - fiance John Molner on intimate details about the couple. )
Jewel sang a Star original , " silver nickels and dimes Golden " wowing with an extended high note at the end of the song, while former star enemy Rosie O'Donnell reimagined "Grease" hit " Summer Nights " to their chronicle later friendship with the host honor.
John Stamos introduced John Fogerty , who got the audience , and even star, dancing with blistering versions of " Bad Moon Rising" and " Fortunate Son " . "How Howard, [ Fogerty ] speaks the truth ," Stamos praised.