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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Shawn Mendes prepares for his sold out show at Madison Square Garden

Shawn Mendes’ sophomore album, Illuminate is not set to be released until September 23rd. However, the 18-year-old heartthrob is allowing fans to get a taste of his latest, more mature sound. On September 10th, he will be playing at New York’s most iconic venue, Madison Square Garden.

Friday night, Mendes took to Twitter to express his excitement for the upcoming show, which had completely sold out in only a matter of days.

“Rehearing like crazy for MSG. So pumped for you to see everything live” The “Life Of The Party” singer followed up by expressing his appreciation for his 7.3 million followers, tweeting out “Love u guys!”

This will not be Mendes’ first time playing at a large venue like this. He was able to experience similar stadiums when he opened for pop sensation Taylor Swift last year during her 1989 Tour.

Mendes’ first lead single off of Illuminate, “Treat You Better” has become his second top 10 song, continuing to climb the charts. The newest single follows his 2015 hit, “Stitches.” “Stitches” had attained 4x platinum status in the U.S. back in February. Mendes has also pre-released three other tracks that will be on his upcoming album— “Ruin,” “Three Empty Words” and “Mercy.”

The Canadian singer-songwriter briefly previewed his MSG album concert in a four minute, black-and-white video for “Ruin.” The video showcases Mendes and his electric guitar, admiring and serenading the empty arena before it becomes filled with fans. You can watch the magic unfold here.

Mendes Army, are you going to see Shawn’s anticipated show at Madison Square Garden? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting at @CelebMix!

Monday, 29 June 2015

No More 'Livin On A Prayer' For Israel: Bon Jovi To Rock Tel Aviv In October

This is not a concert for the brokenhearted.

Bluestone Productions, the company responsible for bringing an eclectic mix of artists like Lady Gaga, Rihanna One Republic and Israel made official on Tuesday, announcing that the legendary US rockers Bon Jovi will perform for the first time in Israel on Saturday, October 3 in Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv.

In a press conference in Tel Aviv Dan Hotel, Bluestone representatives said that tickets ranging from NIS 350 (grass) to 950 NIS (Golden Circle) and NIS 1,100 (VIP) for sale to the general public Wednesday to from 18:00.

With a solid career spanning 30 years and 12 studio albums emblematic stimulating whopping 130 million albums sold, the band based in New Jersey-led by singer Jon Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora have emerged out of the shadow Garden State Bruce Springsteen to become one of bestselling bands worldwide of all time.

According to the promoters, the band will be performing their greatest hits, including "It's My Life", "You Give Love a bad reputation", "Livin 'On a Prayer" and the Grammy-winning "Who says you cannot go Home.”

In a statement prepared for the press conference, said Bon Jovi, "We have traveled around the world performing more than 2,900 concerts in over 50 countries and today I am excited to announce that for the first time in history we are undertaking in Tel Aviv. See you on October 3 "

"I'm sure it will be the show of the year", said promoter Marcel Avram. "I had the honor of presenting Bon Jovi for 25 years, and although I thought my previous show Israel brought Robbie Williams was the show of the year, which was the past and look to the future now."

When asked about the pressure brought artists who are signed to come to Israel boycott, Avram said Jon Bon Jovi was happy to come, because he had always wanted to perform in Israel.

"Jon Bon Jovi could not care less. He is not the first or the last to come to Israel ... We are a proud country, where a lot of people enjoy the music, everyone wants to perform in Israel" Avram said, adding that the band changed their touring schedule to accompany the performance, starting the tour in Asia and end in Tel Aviv.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Former Bon Jovi Guitarist Richie Sambora Quits Fashion Plans Leaving Partner Nikki Lund Devastated

Rocker business partner left in the lurch as they are about to open a clothing store after finding a new love

After he resigned sensationally Bon Jovi in 2013 during his world tour, guitarist Richie Sambora had hoped to take his fashion brand to new heights.

Together with his partner Nikki Lund, which was due to open a shop selling its wireless design in one of Los Angeles most prestigious shopping streets, and only a few meters from the Kardashians' Dash boutique.

Nikki, of course, went to school with the stars of reality and was the best friend of Kim.

However, his new girlfriend, Orianthi Panjabis was so angry when he saw pictures of her man and awesome Nikki, 33, she asked him to put an end to negotiations to open shop on Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Richie's decision not to go ahead with plans to open the doors to sell clothes Nikki Rich comes as he and his business partner Nikki adorned large signs on Sunset Boulevard.

He recently started dating Aussie beauty Orianthi after splitting with Nikki, who had come on and off for eight years.

A friend said: "Ori is uncomfortable with Nikki to be in life so that Richie Typically, has opened a gap between them as business partners.

"The store will no longer be at the moment, is as sad as everything was going so well.

Indeed. The couple was in front of Los Angeles Fashion magazine recently and were excited to take the Kardashians betting clothes. In addition, Nikki has been invited to open LA Fashion Week later this month.

The source added: "Richie has left many surprised by this sudden decision, the staff was about to be employed a whole is all very strange.

"One minute they were shaking hands and holding in the Ivy, next it's all over."

Richie, 55, suddenly stopped Bon Jovi during their world tour in 2013.

Last year, the singer Jon Bon Jovi said he was out of the band for good.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bon Jovi Stand-In Joins Nita Strauss, Dave Ellefson, Rudy Sarzo And Others On Documetary Project

Phil X says he cannot be himself when playing with Bon Jovi - and added that even trying to be like the man he replaced.

The guitarist - full name Philip Xenedis - intervened to Richie Sambora in 2011 and again in 2013, when Sambora away for personal reasons. While he has loved every minute with Bon Jovi so far, Xenedis says it cannot really be himself unless he is performing with his own band, The Drills.

Talking about his participation in the upcoming Hired Gun, Double Stop Xenedis says Podcast: "When you're a murderer for hire, their level of creative input is even limited when I toured with Bon Jovi, could not be Richie, because I'm not. But I could not really be me, so I did this type somewhere in the center that was between the two.

"When I did the first 13 shows with Bon Jovi in 2011, Sunday night I played in St. Louis, who was the last show. Jon asked me to sing the last verse of Wanted Dead or Alive and went before 20,000 people. When I got home on Friday, I played at The Roxy with Drills and for me was so exciting -. 200, my songs, doing my thing, with people going crazy in front. "

Hired Gun gets backing musicians in the spotlight and features interviews with famous unsung heroes, including John 5, Dave Ellefson, Nita Strauss and Rudy Sarzo, among others.

Ellefson worked with several bands during his time away from Megadeth between 2002 and 2010 and says he taught her how to be a better musician.

In their participation in the documentary, Ellefson said: "I loved the concept of it, because our world is so full of what I would call the unsung heroes who make great artists even greater because of their contributions.

"There was a time when I was away from Megadeth when I played with Ronnie Montrose and did some work with Soulfly, recording and touring. I have to have these murderer opportunities salary worsened seriously my skills and brought the music and skills outside of me that knew they were there, but being in a band for 20 years never got to let them out. "

Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss believes the film fans eyes open to the talent that often goes unnoticed.

She says: "There has been a lot of movies about backing singers and showing different sides of all different professions This gives us the opportunity to show what we do Everybody knows that Billy Joel and Rosa and Christina Aguilera is not is more than this we .. An opportunity to show the fans a little about what we do to make the show happen. "

Rudy Sarzo has a rich history as a "murderer for hire" who has played bass with Geoff Tate of Queensryche, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake and Dio. He says the best hired hands are doing their homework.

Sarzo added: "You can take the concert only because it is a concert paying'll have to play those songs and live with these people is a family, do you want to go on the road and being on a bus  ... these guys is. A very complex thing.

"If you want to be the best partner for the concert you can always look at the legacy of the band. Check out his original recordings, because those were the ideas filtered working with producers, engineers. Then listen to the live versions of those songs that evolve. So by the time you join the band you're very educated about who and what you are playing. "

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Jon Bon Jovi Shows Up To Jets Game Vs. New England Patriots To Hang With Bill Belichick

Owner of the New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft (left to right) New Jersey rock star Jon Bon Jovi and the Patriots, Bill Belichick, head coach on the sideline during pregame warmups as the New York Jets prepare to Patriots host the Sun, December 21 at MetLife Stadium.

The last time we talked own Jon Bon Jovi New Jersey and NFL potential ownership group of the Buffalo Bills was being rejected.

But maybe he's getting some further advice owned by a friend.

The Sunday before Week 16 game against the Jets New England Patriots, Bon Jovi was presented at MetLife Stadium and broke with his good friend, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, along with ever-smiling coach Bill Belichick.
Kraft Bon Jovi helped make the ice cube Challenge with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in August and has been lit banking Patriots before.

Still, it can be annoying Bon Jovi is not encouraging his team status at home, if you want.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Guns N’ Roses Vs. Bon Jovi – Ultimate Classic Rock Hall Of Fame Semifinals

In the semifinals! Ballots are being accepted for the next round of voting for the last Classic Rock Hall of Fame, with Guns N 'Roses squaring off against Bon Jovi for the right to advance to the final.

Every month our readers to decide which of eight artists or legendary bands will be honored for his contributions to the genre. In the previous round, Bon Jovi emerged victorious from a fierce contest, claiming 55 percent of the vote to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' 45 percent.

Meanwhile, Guns and frontman Axl Rose longtime easily got past Jane Addiction and Perry Farrell, winning 84 percent of votes cast for Jane 16 percent.

So who will make the final? That's your call. As always, it is a contest of fan-voted 100 percent. You can cast your ballot semifinals once a day between now and November 24th at 23:59 ET. Be sure to read our official rules, and good luck to both very worthy of Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame candidates!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Heidi Klum Eyeing Bon Jovi’s Penthouse

Heidi Klum unprotected $ 37.5 million penthouse Jon Bon Jovi on Mercer Street.

Supermodel Heidi Klum and mom is watching the center penthouses.

One point recorded was $ 37500000, prewar penthouse rock star Jon Bon Jovi at 158 ​​Mercer St., the building of the New Museum in SoHo. The six-bedroom unit is 7,452 square feet. The elevator opens into a hallway leading to a large room with a wood burning fireplace, a dining room and a chef's kitchen with 11-foot ceilings. Top - accessed by stairs or elevator - there is a living room and dining room more formal, with another fireplace and second kitchen. The impressive floor to roof gardens opens. This level also has a projection room, screening room, additional bedroom, bathroom and powder room.

Urban Compass listing brokers Leonard Steinberg and Hervé Senequier Douglas Elliman and Raphael De Niro did not return calls.